Employment Law – Protecting the Employer

callout_employment_lawA proactive approach to employment law compliance is the best defense against expensive, time-consuming, and distracting litigation. By drafting or reviewing employee handbooks, employment policies, and employment agreements, we can help make sure the employer does not involuntarily give up important rights yet puts the proper procedures in place to deal with employee complaints in a manner that does not expose the employer to unnecessary litigation and liability.

Employment Law – Protecting the Employee

Employees who feel discriminated against in the workplace, by virtue of sexual harassment in a hostile environment or because of race, age, gender, disability or other protected characteristics, may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or in state or federal court. We handle cases of unfair job treatment up to and including wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge and make sure the employee is receiving the benefit of protections afforded by local, state and federal labor and employment laws.

Our employment law and human resources practice also focuses on employee/independent contractor distinctions and questions surrounding worker privacy and ethical behavior in the workplace, including worker freedom of speech issues and acceptable personal use of company computers, and the employer’s right to trade secrets and confidentiality.

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