Practice Areas Overview

Sarah Patricia Condor, Attorney at Law, has a Los Angeles-based law office providing advice and representation to individuals and businesses throughout California, as well as to companies dealing in California from other states and from abroad, in particular the European Community. Her foremost interest is in Internet technology and business law, contracts and transactional law, corporate governance, intellectual property law, and other areas of importance to individuals and businesses domestically and internationally. She has extensive experience in contract review, revision and interpretation, linguistic analysis. Apart from corporate and business matters, she also represents clients in civil rights litigation and runs a general practice. She is also available to larger companies and corporations for outsourcing and legal research and analysis.

Below is a brief description of our major areas of practice, with links to more detailed information in several areas. If you have a question or need assistance in a particular legal matter, please call our office for a free consultation.


Contracts are ubiquitous in the business setting. Even in small businesses, oral and written contracts are often executed several times a day with a multitude of parties, including employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. We work with clients on the front end – negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts to help ensure a smooth transaction that meets the clients’ needs and protects their rights and interests down the line. In the event a dispute does arise, we work to resolve it efficiently and effectively, including taking the matter to litigation or defending a claim in court as necessary. See our page on Transactional Law for more information.

Corporate Law and Governance

We assist businesses of all sizes with corporate legal matters, from business entity formation through the creation and filing of corporate charters, by-laws and other required documents. See our page on Corporate Law for more information on the depth and breadth of our practice in this area.

Technology & Intellectual Property

Our focus in this area is primarily on Internet businesses and how they deal with copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets, and privacy issues. Our work in this area involves an extensive and highly-focused area of expertise. Please see our page on Intellectual Property/Privacy Issues for more information.

International Law

For U.S. Companies which want to trade with the European Union, or E.U. Companies wanting to export to the United States, we help businesses identify, understand and deal with the applicable international issues, including numerous Hague Conference conventions, VAT applicability and exclusions, EU data protection, international electronic contracting, and general international e-business issues.

Employment Law – Protecting the Employer

A proactive approach to employment law compliance is the best defense against expensive, time-consuming, and distracting litigation. By drafting or reviewing employee handbooks, employment policies, and employment agreements, we can help make sure the employer does not involuntarily give up important rights yet puts the proper procedures in place to deal with employee complaints in a manner that does not expose the employer to unnecessary litigation and liability.

Employment Law – Protecting the Employes

Employees who feel discriminated against in the workplace, by virtue of sexual harassment in a hostile environment or because of race, age, gender, disability or other protected characteristics, may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or in state or federal court. We handle cases of unfair job treatment up to and including wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge and make sure the employee is receiving the benefit of protections afforded by local, state and federal labor and employment laws

Our employment law and human resources practice also focuses on employee/independent contractor distinctions and questions surrounding worker privacy and ethical behavior in the workplace, including worker freedom of speech issues and acceptable personal use of company computers, and the employer’s right to trade secrets and confidentiality.

Insurance Law

From coverage analysis and opinion letters to declaratory judgments and related litigation, our office provides sound advice and effective representation surrounding coverage and claims denials. Our insurance law practice also includes litigating claims of insurance bad faith and serving as independent Cumis counsel when necessary, to avoid a conflict of interest between the insurer and insured, such as in a declaratory judgment proceeding or defense under a reservation of rights.

Professional Malpractice

As the daughter of medical professionals, Sarah Condor understands the duty owed by professionals to adhere to a certain standard of care and the obligation to perform both competently and ethically. Our office handles claims of ethical violations and related charges brought against doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. With a broad range of trial experience, we are capable of litigating the underlying matter as well, which is often a necessary component of professional liability litigation.

General Civil Practice

Whether you are pursuing a claim or defending a claim brought against you, we provide strong, effective representation in a variety of settings, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. From consumer law to construction law, from copyrights to cyber torts, we can work to resolve your dispute while protecting your legal rights and looking out for your best interests. In California and worldwide, contact Sarah Patricia Condor, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation regarding how we can help you with your legal needs.

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